The Biggest Deal in Distance Selling Sector in Russia (January 22, 2009)

I am very proud that we have finally completed the biggest deal in Distance Selling sector in Russia with our long-term partner – the Otto Group. The Otto Group acquired 90% share of NA DOM Group and PROMOPOST from Direct Group.

NA DOM Group (presented by three business-units “Home”, “Health & Beauty”, “MeggyMall“) is one of our biggest and most perspective projects that has taken a leadership position in the Russian distance selling sector within its 12-year existence. PROMOPOST is the Russian leader of fulfillment and logistics operating in the distance selling sector and providing respective services to NA DOM Group. Located in Tver region it carries out order delivery to the clients all over Russia.

It is a very positive step in the development of the Group on the Russian distance-selling market in general. NA DOM Group will certainly benefit from the Otto Group world-wide extensive expertise in assortment, e-commerce operations, logistics & fulfillment.

At the same time, due to this deal Otto Group will leave all the competitors behind and become absolute leader in Russia in distance selling and e-commerce.

Pascal Clement

CEO Direct Group


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