WomanJournal.ru Internet-portal Attracted Western Investors (October 22, 2008)

“Milanor” Company (the owner of WomanJournal.ruand leLuxe.ruInternet-resources) announces completion of the deal on investments attracting for further development of its Internet-projects. Three French investment funds having successful experience in investing into European Internet-media – Ventech Capital, Xange Capital and AGF PE – have bought minority stake in Milanor for $6 million from its owner Direct Group. Aelios Finance brokered the deal.

The purpose of investment attraction was to provide the future business growth and brand development of female Internet-portal WomanJournal.ruand luxury goods Internet-site leLuxe.ru. It will allow to expand the functional capabilities, raise the content volume and bring into operation new unique web-services ensuring additional cash inflow. At the same time, European partners’ involvement will ensure gaining the leading foreign sites’ experience and acquisition of the expertise on cutting-edge operating methods existing on the world Internet market.

«Primarily we were interested in attracting not only investments but «smart money». Our new partners are the guru of the European Internet market, they own know-how’s in the sphere. They believe in our company and we are confident that their experience and expertise will be beneficial to us. The partners have already provided us with their specialists in search engine marketing in order to optimize our work with Google », – says Pierric Duthoit, CEO Milanor.

«We have appreciated the quality of work being done by the team that entered the Russian Internet market, one of the world’s biggest markets with the most rapid growth rates and potential – more than 75 million users. Currently WomanJournal.ru has all the advantages and opportunities to become a leader of the Russian female Internet on a level with the highest world standards», – comments Alain Caffi, head of Managing Partners de Ventech Capital.

The updated design of WomanJournal.ru is planned to be presented by the portal owners in the nearest future in order to raise its usability, improve structuring, quality and volume of the existing content and enhance its interactivity. The number of partnership programs will be increased. Innovative fascinating services will be proposed to the portal audience. The result of these improvements will be shown in new opportunities for advertisers interested in qualitative targeted audience.

«We are specializing in identifying new business opportunities on the Russian market, rapid launch and further development of the projects up to their maturity. Today the Russian internet is one of the most perspective spheres with a number of outstanding opportunities. And the fact that the Russian Internet-portal has attracted western investors verifies once again that the Runet has a big future», – comments Pascal Clement, president Direct Group.


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